Edward Joseph

IMG_1293Edward Joseph grew up in New York and served in the military for 17 years, before relocating to Texas, spending the last forty plus years working and raising a family in the North Texas area. He has owned and operated successful local businesses for over forty of those years. Edward has been practicing hypnosis since the early 90’s and learned about Emotional Freedom Techniques (“EFT”) in ’96 at a hypnosis conference in Denver and became a devoted practitioner shortly thereafter.  He successfully combines EFT with hypnosis in his daily practice to help thousands of individuals achieve rapid lasting positive changes, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Mr Joseph specializes in helping people eliminate stress, trauma, grief and fears using techniques that are much different than traditional therapies.   Traditional therapies can take months or years to eliminate or control emotional issues and problems.  Using EFT, problems can be resolved sometimes within minutes.  Once learned , these techniques can be used anytime it is needed.