Why Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is guided means of communication between the conscious and the subconscious mind to effect positive change.

Few procedures are less understood or
more plagued by misconceptions.

Hypnosis occurs spontaneously to everyone on a daily basis.

    Have you ever been engrossed in a movie, sporting event, newspaper or book and did not hear someone speaking to you? Sometimes your spouse or child does not hear you! (“We sometimes call this selective listening.”)
    Have you ever driven from home to work or vice-versa and not remembered the drive? You were not asleep: you were operating automatically.

These types of things happen to most of us every day.  Hypnosis Fort Worth is sometimes our automatic pilot functioning when we are on overload. In hypnosis…

    • “the conscious mind is still present. We might compare it to a seesaw. In the waking state the conscious mind is at the high end of the seesaw and the subconscious mind at the low end. Under hypnosis they reverse and the subconscious is at the high end and conscious part at the low end, but still present. Thoughts rise from the inner mind into consciousness.” –Leslie M. LeCron

Hypnosis helps expedite positive changes.

Hypnosis & Children
Why would a child need to be hypnotized? Certainly among important uses could be early control or elimination of childish habits such as bed wetting, nail biting, unsociable mannerisms and attitudes.

As children grow older hypnosis can dramatically affect attention problems, learning enhancement, study procedures, worries, self-esteem, motivation, athletic performance, creativity, non-understood grief, anger, frustration – the list is virtually endless.

Change your Habits – Change your Life