1832576Since smoking is both physical and mental, success in a stop-smoking program must change not only the mental attitude, but also the physical reaction. Through hypnosis and/or EFTTM it is possible to change the client’s reaction to the desire to smoke and the triggers that keep the smoking habit active. Even though the smoker may have stopped smoking, the habit may still be active. But like most activities, if not used, it tends to fade and disappear.

Other Habits
In many instances the Mind Enhancement Center uses EFTTM and hypnosis in combination to help the client attain their goal. What kind of habits can the Mind Enhancement Center address? Eating, Smoking, Nail Biting, Enuresis (Bed Wetting),  Stuttering, Fabrication, Chocolate, and Insomnia are just a few. Other habits include Dipping, Chewing Tobacco, Coca-Cola, Sweets, etc.

Change your Habits – Change your Life